Dsolve.com back in action




Ryan Whitaker, a Colorado IT specialist, set up the dsolve.com site nine years ago. The aim was to have an online site for low carbing diabetics to share news and resources and to host the educational course that we developed from the experience of Dr Richard Bernstein’s Forum members at the time. At the time this was the first comprehensive diabetes educational course to go online. And best of all it was free, and still is.  This course, the How to.. course now features on diabetesdietblog. com.

After an absence of two years we are very pleased to say that dsolve.com is back in action.

Feel free to pay a visit.

Ryan is one of the many type one diabetics who has had excellent blood sugar control as a result of following a low carb diet and using insulin techniques originally developed by Dr Bernstein.  These are explained in the course material and of course in our book Diabetes Diet.

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