New UK “Eat Well Plate”: same old rubbish!

The UK government has released a new version of the risable “Eat well plate” which gives us at even more heartburn, if that were possible.

In this they have given due pominence to fruit and vegetables but have also advised even more starch such as bread, potatoes, breakfast cereals, pasta and rice. Low fat dairy is encouraged and protein is under represented again. Vegetable oil and low fat spread is given a little sliver of prominence. They have advised us to eat 30g of fibre a day and limit sugar to 30g a day.  Lordy, some of us don’t even eat this in total carbs a day! carbohydrate.jpgThey have said that 150g of fruit juice or smoothie can count as one of “your five a day”.

Cardiologist Aseem Mahhotra has tweeted, “Is this a joke?” Well, sad to say, probably not.

The government are grimly determined to back a diet that will lead to more obesity, diabetes, acid reflux, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Isn’t the NHS in enough of a mess already? Obviously the government don’t think so.


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