Supermarkets catch on to the spiralling use of low carb vegetables


Spirallising vegetables such as courgettes and squash to use instead of pasta is becoming mainstream thanks to popularisation by such celebrity cooks as Davina McCall, the Hemsley sisters and Ella Woodward.  John Lewis says it was one of their best- selling kitchen gadgets of 2015.

Now you can buy pre-spirallised vegetables in many supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose. From next month you will also be able to buy that good old low carb rice substitute cauliflower “rice” prepacked from Sainsbury.

The interest is due to the growing demand from low carbers and those who are pursuing a wheat/gluten free diet.  The restaurant chain Bella Pasta even serves vegetable “spaghetti” in their restaurants.


Based on an article by Rebecca Smithers in the Observer 17.1.16

6 thoughts on “Supermarkets catch on to the spiralling use of low carb vegetables”

  1. You can’t beat courgetti !

    But yes, more and more people are swapping the higher carb foods for those with much less. Surely this can only do the health of the nation good?

    All the best Jan


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