Inhaled Insulin

A story on a Minneapolis news website caught our eye this week – it was the story of a New Richmond man who is using inhaled insulin at meals instead of boluses through his pump.

The insulin inhaler – Afreeza – is used instead of injected insulin boluses to cover meals.

Software developer Trevor Schug who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year said he had started using the inhaled insulin this year and he had found that it gave him better control of his blood sugar levels.

On the news website, he said that he felt the inhaled insulin was absorbed into the blood stream more quickly and that it didn’t stay in your system as long, whioch was another bonus as far as he was concerned.

Schug explained that when he would take extra insulin through his pump, it sometimes lingered in his system too long after a meal.

Endocrinologist Dr Mark Stesin said dosing was not as precise for inhaled insulin, which might not make it as suitable for everyone.

The inhaled insulin isn’t recommended for people who smoke or who have recently stopped, or anyone who has chronic lung disease or asthma.

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