Seven Free Online Work-Outs for You To Try

From bootcamps to ballet, there's a work-out for everyone on YouTube.
From bootcamps to ballet, there’s a work-out for everyone on YouTube.

When I first got into fitness some 25 years ago, there were nothing like as many options as there are now. I do remember doing one of Cindy Crawford’s original exercise videos (it was awful) and cycling everywhere.

Nowadays though, there are so many choices if you want to get more active but you don’t want to, or can’t afford to, join a gym or attend classes.

Step forward YouTube! If you know where to look, you can access thousands of online exercise DVDs so you never need to pay for anything (apart from your broadband connection of course) or leave the comfort of your own home.

The videos vary greatly in quality of course – from really slick, professionally produced clips to the rather more amateur, and length varies too. Some of the moves and programmes will be demonstrated very well, others will be downright dangerous – but intelligent adults need to work this out by themselves, recognising that free stuff doesn’t come with the same checks and balances you can expect if you pay for gym memberships, classes or personal training.

It’s important to exercise whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes because exercise increases your sensitivity to insulin, and it reduces the risk of cardio vascular disease (people with diabetes have an increased risk of CV disease).

Here are some of our seven of our favourite free online work-outs:

  • Five-minute Pop Sugar arms work-out. Feel the burn with this mini arm work-out.
  • Barre technique 15-minute leg work-out. There’s a bit of a buzz around at the moment about ballet-type exercises for stretching and toning. This might not appeal to the male audience, but I promise you it is proper hard work so try it with an open mind.
  • The BodyCoach aka Joe Wicks promotes high-intensity interval training for his fat loss programme and he has a number of HIIT programmes to follow on YouTube. Here is one of them.
  • There’s also buzz around super slow weight training. Doug McGuff’s 12-15 minute workout is an example of slow weight training.
  • GymRa’s total body workout takes 30 minutes and doesn’t require any equipment.
  • If you can cope with the overwhelming enthusiasm of the American presenters, PopSugar’s 30-minute bodyweight bootcamp is a great work-out that requires no equipment either.
  • If you want a beginner’s weights workout, try this one by HASfit. It’s only 15 minutes and it works the whole body. You can progress this by increasing the weight limit you use.

It’s a good idea to watch each film through before starting so you have an idea of what to expect and how much space you will need. If space is an issue, here’s a final thought for you… Coss Marte is a one-time criminal who managed to lose 71lbs (just over five stone) while locked up by creating a work-out in his 9’ by 6’ prison cell.


DISCLAIMERYou should always consult your doctor or health team before starting exercise and stop exercising immediately if the exercise starts to hurt. The Diabetes Diet is not responsible for any injuries or illnesses that might occur should you choose to follow any of the above recommended work-outs.


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