8 thoughts on “Dr Sarah Hallberg – Type 2 Diabetes and the Guidelines

  1. Excellent presentation Dr. Sarah Hallberg. I listened 3 times and enjoyed every bit of it.
    I have been told that have type 2 Diabetic and am taking Metformin twice a day. According to your speech Carb will lower blood glucose. I want to know specifically what kind of foods (specific) should I eat to bring down blood glucose. I also want to come and see you in your clinic. I live in Vancouver Canada. Thank you for your consideration.


    • Hello Claudius and thanks for your comment. Just to let you know, this website isn’t Dr Sarah Halberg’s website. It is curated by myself (a type 1 diabetic) and Dr Katharine Morrison, a GP and we are both in Scotland! We do like Dr Halberg’s approach though, which is why we chose to put her talk up on our site. We do have a book which promotes a similar approach to diabetes care – The Diabetes Diet, and you’ll find details about it on this website, but we do not have direct contact with Dr Halberg. She does have a Facebook page so maybe you could connect with her there – Best wishes to you and good luck with your diabetes.


  2. Hello Dr. Hallberg – viewed your TED speech – excellent and informative. Would like to get your opinion on my situation. Diagnosed with Acute Intermittent Porphyria in 1980, and Diabetes II in 2005 (diagnosed after a 4 week bout with pneumonia and taking broad spectrum antibiotics – no history in the family). Been juggle the need for carbs, starch and proteins for the porphyria and keeping the carbs and the sugars at bay with Diabetes II. Cannot seem to get my sugars in check. Saw 2 endocrinologists who basically told me there was nothing they can do – just deal with it. Anything on your end?????? Thanks – MikeD

    PS – have a unique cure for the porphyria bouts – shocked the Liver specialist at Mt. Sinai in NYC. Works every time. None medical too.


    • Hello Mike, this isn’t actually Dr Hallberg’s website. It’s the website for the Diabetes Diet blog. We can’t actually give advice on individual cases here. We can only give general information. Regards, Emma


      • Hi Mike, thanks for showing an interest in our website but as I said this is not actually Sarah Hallberg’s website and we do not have the contact details for her. I would imagine you could find them online if you put her name into a search engine. Regards.


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