Logging Your Results

Screenshot 2015-04-10 12.44.22I treated myself to an app recently to record my blood test results. Historically, this hasn’t been a strength of mine (ahem!). When I was first diagnosed with diabetes in 1982 (way, way before the internet folks, imagine…) blood testing wasn’t common, and when it did come in, you were issued with log books to write down your results.

I’m sure I was not the only teenager who sat in the diabetic clinic’s waiting room, filling in weeks of blood test results using different-coloured pens to give my made-up results added authenticity.

The log books nowadays are a vast improvement on the ones from days of old, but an app allows you to record all kinds of information – your blood sugar level, carbs eaten, bolus taken, basal taken, notes, food eaten, nutrients, activity undertaken, how you are feeling and more. And most of us carry our phones around with us all of the time.

I’ve opted for the mysugr app (other apps are available and I’m certainly not receiving any recompense for this recommendation) and I really like it. It is easy to use, and it records as much or as little detail as suits. As I’m rather competitive, I like the idea of competing with unknown others to improve my weekly scores. You can share your results through social media, but that level of self-publicity seems rather egotistical though of course it may work for those who want to hold themselves accountable.

Mysugr also sends you a weekly report, which is useful for comparing your own results week-on-week. Like many people, I tend to eat the same meals and storing all your information in one place allows you to work out your insulin requirements more precisely.

Mysugr also seems to be staffed by those who have diabetes themselves – and it is suitable for people with type 2 as well as type 1.

How do you log your results? And how often do you log?

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