How to Do Paleo [INFOGRAPHIC] #howto #Paelo #infographic

1 thought on “How to Do Paleo [INFOGRAPHIC] #howto #Paelo #infographic”

  1. This is a really easy to understand do and don’t list when it comes to Paleo eating. For low carbers/diabetics there are only a few tweaks. 1. count the carbs in sweet fruit and stick to 30g from fruit maximum a day. Also eat fruit at the end of a meal or along with some sort of fat eg peanut butter, cheese or cream to reduced glucose spikes. 2. Legumes may be eaten in moderation and with due regard to carb counts and personal intolerances. 3. Dairy can be consumed for those who are not intolerant of it. Cheese, cream and butter are good sources of fat and depending on what is consumed, protein and calcium. Milk may be consumed in small quantities and has 10g of carb for a small glass. 4. Salt restriction is somewhat controversial. Many people can eat it freely. It raises blood pressure up to 4 points in some individuals though.


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