Coconut Chicken fry

Lovely idea for chicken.

Aromas and Flavors from my Kitchen

tender coconut and chicken tender coconut and chicken

I remember as a young child, my grand mom used to live in a little town and we used to visit her in our summer vacations. She was a very sweet lady, like most grand mothers are and I really used to look forward to those yearly visits. In those days, the only way to visit her was by train. After a week or ten days of having fun, lazing around and enjoying, when it was time to return home, she would pack a lot of goodies and mangoes for us.

One particular memory , I associate with this journey is that she would always pack ‘ Coconut Lamb fry’ for our dinner in train. Maybe, because it was dry and non messy and tasted good with breads/rotis or rice. Whenever, I make this dish I always remember her. This can be tried with lamb as well as…

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