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French Onion Soup

Recently, I made a big pot of stock (or bone broth as it’s more fashionably known these days) using a chicken carcass, carrots, celery, onions and cider vinegar. I wanted a recipe that would make the most of the flavour of the stock – or one where the stock was the star – so I … Continue reading


Diabetes in the News – the Perils of Being a Woman and “Smart Insulin” Trials

It’s difficult to avoid news about diabetes, as there are regular articles in the press – from the doom and gloom predictions about burdens on the healthcare system to simplistic pieces about “cures”, diabetes makes the news on a regular basis. Two news items caught my eye recently: one which talked about the greater risks … Continue reading


Braised Celeriac

Lately, I have been eating A LOT of celeriac, sometimes called celery root… It’s delicious and it’s low carb, and there are a number of ways to prepare it. Mostly, you can use it as a potato substitute – roast celeriac instead of roast potatoes, mashed celeriac instead of mashed potatoes etc. If you’re not … Continue reading