Cheese Please – It’s Good for You!

Dig in - it's good for you.
Dig in – it’s good for you.

This week, our attention was drawn to a study that suggested that cheese is good for you.

The results of the study (which came out earlier this year) had looked at the effect which is often referred to as the “French paradox” – i.e. why do French people tend to lead long and healthy lives while consuming diets high in saturated fats?

As readers of this blog may well know, saturated fat has hit the news a lot recently – with suggestions that its previously terrible reputation in terms of what it does for your health was undeserved. This study carried out by scientists at Aarhus University in Denmark seems to add to the rehabilitation of saturated fat’s reputation.

The Danish research suggested that fermented dairy products could contribute to longevity and health. French people have a lower incidence of coronary heart disease and an average life expectancy of 82 – eating an average of 23.9kgs of cheese a year, while the Brits eat a mere 11.6kgs and suffer from twice the levels of cardiovascular disease and a decreased life expectancy (81).

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