Rob Kardashian Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes


As you might imagine with a condition as prevalent as diabetes, the topic is in the news frequently.

One article that caught our eye this week was the news that Rob Kardashian has type 2 diabetes. Rob Kardashian (in case any of you are saying to yourself, “who??” having recently returned from an extended sojourn on Mars) is a member of the all-powerful Kardashian k(c)lan*.

Members of the family are famous for breaking the internet with their ginormous bottoms, transvestism, dating men their girlfriends really should have sat them down and had an “avoid like the plague” word about, and spending vast sums of money.

Rob has been famous of late for steering well clear of family gatherings, most notably sister Kim’s wedding to Kanye West, and publicity.

As publicity loves nothing more than rumours of family fall-outs and fatness in celebrities, it found him anyway and recent pictures have shown a rather over-weight and unhappy looking young man.

According to TMZ, the 28-year-old was recently hospitalised and subsequently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. High-profile people with type 2 diabetes aren’t hard to find – Brian Cox, Tom Hanks, Sir Steven Redgrave and Larry King for starters – but Rob is unusual because he’s so young.

On the other hand, diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is on the rise – and it’s on the rise in people of a younger age. One 2007 article, for example, looked at incidences of type 2 diabetes in children under the age of 17 in the UK and found that “the frequency of type 2 diabetes appears to be increasing” blaming it on the increase in childhood obesity.

Poor Rob is likely feeling overwhelmed and unhappy at this moment in time, wondering what this diagnosis means for him and the way he lives his life.

On the plus side though, having now been diagnosed he can get on with making himself feel much, much better. Type 2 diabetes can and is improved all the time by lifestyle factors such as diet (and of course we’re going to promote the low-carb diet here a la The Diabetes Diet) and exercising regularly.

And of course if Rob would like any of our recipes for the dishes that can support his return to health, he’s welcome to peruse our website!


*In a gloriously egotistical way, mamma Kardashian insisted on naming all her kids with K names, even the ones with names not usually spelt with a K. You gotta admire it.

Pic thanks to Oskar Annermarken on flickr.