World Diabetes Day

world_diabetes_day_logo-svgToday is World Diabetes Day. We send fond greetings to all those with diabetes all over the world.

No doubt, innovations in healthcare continue to offer improvements for we diabetics. When I was diagnosed in the 80s, blood testing wasn’t routine, there were few insulins on the market and logging your results meant writing them down in a little book. [As a teenager, I used to sit in the doctor’s waiting room, filling in the results using different-coloured pens to fool the doctor that I’d been doing tests regularly – did anyone else do this?!]

And now – there’s continuous glucose management, FDA approval of a so-called artificial pancreas and access to tonnes of information about diabetes thanks to the internet. There’s never been a better time to be a diabetic.

On the other hand, levels of type 2 diabetes are soaring. Our healthcare systems will not have the funds to cope with this epidemic. What will happen in the future when there are so many people suffering from diabetes-related complications? What will happen to families, watching people suffer from this condition?

Take time to think about diabetes today. If you have diabetes yourself, we wish you long and continued good health. And if there’s a diabetic in your life, give them an extra hug today.