“Chocolate Staves Off Diabetes” – not so fast…

Low-carb chocolate fudge

Chocolate could help stave off diabetes… Another day, another sensationalist headline of the kind favoured by the Daily Express/Mail as it acts as perfect click bait.

What’s the story behind this one? Researchers have found that certain compounds found in cocoa can help the body release more insulin and respond better to increases in blood glucose levels. Therefore, this is of benefit to type 2 diabetics.

Beyond the headline is this qualifier. Study leader Professor Jeffrey Tessem from Brigham Young University said you would probably need to eat a lot of cocoa, and that you wouldn’t want the accompanying sugar that usually comes with it.

And the study did centre on cocoa and its compounds, rather than actual chocolate.

If you are looking for a healthy chocolate fix, we can help. We have plenty of chocolate recipes on our website that use cocoa powder or high-quality plain chocolate. Feel free to try them out…

Low carb chocolate fudge

Low carb chocolate chip cookies

Low-carb chocolate

Good quality plain chocolate (70 percent cocoa solids and above) doesn’t have that many carbohydrates in it – generally, about 10g per 40-50g, which is a decent portion. Don’t eat it late at night though, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, as you might find it hard to get to sleep.