Carbohydrates & Cardiovascular Disease – A Response, by Ruth Buttigeig

CVD 2014 so far has been a rocky road for carbohydrates. The media has come out voicing  concerns against the consumption of carbohydrates, especially sugar, in the diet.

However, there is still much opposition to the issue of reducing carbohydrates in the diet,  such as this article published in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society by Ian  Macdonald, a member of the European Scientific Advisory Council for Coca Cola Europe,  The Nutrition Advisory Board for Mars Europe and the Mars Scientific Advisory Council  for Mars, Inc.

In this article, the author begins by stating that carbohydrates are necessary as a fuel  due to the body’s dependence on glucose to supply the brain, red blood cells and other tissues with energy. By making such a statement, the author is deliberately neglecting the biochemical fact that the human body is able to run on other dietary fuels such as protein and fat.

Non-Carbohydrate Precursors

In light of this statement I refer you to the Biochemistry textbook written by Berg, Tymoczko & Stryer 2012(1). In particular I refer you to Chapter 16.3 “Glucose can be synthesised from non-carbohydrate precursors”; Chapter 21 “Glycogen Metabolism”; Chapter 22 “Fatty Acid Metabolism”. This textbook is on the required reading list for the majority of university modules that deal with biochemistry and the human body.

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