Top 10 Countries – Rates of Diabetes

syringeA recent post on looked at the rates of diabetes in other European countries – and the top rate of diabetes prize goes to… Turkey.

Some 14.71 percent of adults in Turkey have diabetes and it is described as one of the top priorities for the Turkish government. The country spends $895 on each person with diabetes.

At number two for diabetes, Portugal spends a lot more ($2,011 per person) on its 13.09 percent problem. But power is delegated to individual regions so it can depend on where you live.

Number three is on the table is Bosnia and Herzegovina, spending $523 per person and with 12.1 percent of people having diabetes. (Montenegro has 12 percent.)

Serbia comes in at number five, with 11.96 percent of its population suffering from diabetes and spending $666 per person. According to the report, high-risk groups are targeted but it is felt that not enough resources are allocated to the issue.

In sixth place is Germany, with an 11.52 percentage of population figure. Germany spends a massive $4,943 per person – one of the highest figures in Europe. However, it is felt that diabetes isn’t a priority on the political agenda in Germany.

Macedonia’s population is affected by diabetes with 11.44 of Macedonians diagnosed with the condition. Funds are limited though, with only $403 spent per person.

Malta spends $2,113 per person and 10.69 percent of the population have diabetes. Most of their prevention methods focus on lifestyle changes, according to the article, with people are encouraged to eat well, exercise more, and give up smoking.

Spain, with 10.58 percent of its population suffering from diabetes, spends $3,090 per person. However, diabetes associations in the country don’t think there’s enough support or resources to make a difference.

Some 10.2 per cent of Cypriots have diabetes and it is estimated that Cyprus spends $2,295 on each person with diabetes. A large-scale prevention plan to be introduced in 2016.

Where, you might ask, is the UK in terms of numbers of people with diabetes – surprisingly, the report says that 6.6 percent of the UK population have diabetes – 43rd place in Europe. According to the American Diabetes Association, in the US some 9.3 percent of the population has diabetes (2012 figures).

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