Book Review: The world turned upside down, the second low carbohydrate revolution by Professor Richard Feinman

Well produced book for the scientifically minded reader

By Katharine Morrison

This book covers in detail subjects that are often ignored in other low carb books. These are the precise biochemistry covering the metabolism of carbs, fats and proteins in humans and the flaws regarding diet trials covering both design and statistics.

Richard Feinman is a professor in a New York university who is at ease with both subjects. His writing is erudite and not always that easy to follow for the non scientist, as he delves into areas of complexity that other authors gloss over.

There are many coloured tables and I think this book is best read on kindle for pc or on paper format as they show up better in full page and colour format. I think this book is aimed for students, doctors, scientists, diabetologists, cardiologists, and nutritionists who think they know what they are doing but who still support a high starch/ low fat diet for people in general and diabetics in particular. They will be able to see exactly where they have been led astray by old ideas that do not stand up to serious scrutiny.

This book is particularly well produced and I did not come across a single typo in the entire text.

There is much to satisfy those who have already converted to the low carbohydrate lifestyle who wish to learn more about the history, science and statistical shennanigans that go on with dietary studies into low carbohydrate diets.  For new comers it is not a “how to do it book”, like ours. There is a recipe section but it is a bit thin and disappointing. Perhaps Professor Feinman hasn’t spent as long in the kitchen as Emma and I have!