Fit in Four Minutes

Sprinting, stopping and then starting again.
Sprinting, stopping and then starting again.

Does the idea of New Year resolutions send shivers down your spine..? It does mine.

For a start, January is a dull, dreich month here in Scotland and the thought of piling on misery in the form of Spartan eating and the like of boot camps can only make the month even more difficult to endure. And anyway, why choose one particular day for self-improvement when you could choose any day?


Having said all that (!), I did resolve to make Tabata training a regular part of my life this year. I wrote about Tabata training recently and the research I did for the article impressed me – particularly on the benefits of high-intensity interval training for type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

And for someone who has a very low boredom threshold, the idea of short, sharp exercise appeals. Continue reading “Fit in Four Minutes”