Are Starchy Foods Needed for a Healthy Diet?

ruthRuth Buttigieg, BSC (Hons), MSc, ANutr is a qualified nutritionist who works at Natural Ketosis, where she helps people to better their health by changing their diet and lifestyle by following a low sugar low starch approach. Ruth read biochemistry for her undergraduate degree and she also has a Masters in Public Health Nutrition from Queen Margaret University. Here she blogs for us on a question that often comes up when it comes to diabetes and nutrition – are starchy foods really needed for a healthy diet?

We are constantly being told that foods such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and cereals are required for a healthy diet as they are full of nutrients. However, does their nutrient density outweigh their impact on our blood sugar levels and, in turn, on our health?

With more people being diagnosed with diabetes or diagnosed as pre-diabetic, the message of prevention is better than cure is a constant headline in the media. What else needs to be done to improve the nation’s health? What else can people do to change their lifestyles and improve their health? Our food choices are not immune to this spotlight.

Turning to the NHS for guidance, one meets with the constant message that starchy foods are an essential part of a healthy diet. With the debate heating up about which food item is public health enemy number 1 – fat or sugar, in this piece we explore why starchy food items aren’t needed for a healthy diet and in fact substituting these items for other vegetables will have a positive impact on your health. Continue reading “Are Starchy Foods Needed for a Healthy Diet?”