Exercise games can aid weight loss in overweight children

USA researchers have proven that video games such as Kinect Sports and Just Dance can help overweight children lose weight and improve their cardiovascular risk factors.

Adherence to the programme of one hour three times a week was very high with 94.4 % sticking to the games. 46 families were involved with 23 families in the intervention and control groups.

BMI , blood pressure, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol all improved in the intervention group.

The study was funded by the AHA.

5 thoughts on “Exercise games can aid weight loss in overweight children”

  1. Amazing adherence to that programme. I guess it’s all about finding something people enjoy and find fun, rather than ‘exercise’. (I say this as someone who hated PE at school, as it was all about competitive sports and no fun at all for anyone who wasn’t any good at it.)

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  2. This is quite interesting. When I have kids one day I’ll most certainly consider getting them a console that promotes movement. They are quite popular at the moment too.

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