Treating hypos post sugar tax

Lucozade just isn’t what it used to be. With the sugar tax affecting the diabetics favourite emergency beverage the Independent Diabetes Trust have compiled a list of substitutes that you may wish to use.

For shear portability and cuteness Emma and I are great fans of Jelly Babies but you may have your own.


5-7 Dextrosol

4-5 Glucotabs

60 mls Glucojuice (one bottle)

150-200mls pure fruit juice

3-4 heaped teaspoons of sugar dissolved in water

4-5 Jelly Babies

5 thoughts on “Treating hypos post sugar tax”

  1. Ah, the jelly baby! Available everywhere and delicious. If you can’t find the Bassets ones, Waitrose jelly babies are my next go-to.


  2. Hello!
    Found this blog from searching.
    My source of jelly babies have also started fiddling with the recipe; they’ve become very chewy, and the sugar content’s gone down.

    Does anyone have any tips for any other substitutes that:-

    * I can buy in bulk to save money

    * Last a long time without going off

    * I can portion into little boxes to carry with me (liquid containers could pop in my back, leaving stickines sticky residue everywhere)?

    If I can’t find untampered jelly babies, I’m thinking of looking for something more medical/industrial sounding, like pure glucose blocks, or maybe it’s a liquid. I still think that products marketed to diabetics is usually rubbish!


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