Diabetes Diet Now Available on Kobo…

The Diabetes Diet is now available on Kobo – for a bargain £2.45.

The Diabetes Diet explores what  people affected with type one and  type two diabetes,  pre-diabetes and obesity need to do to get mastery over their blood sugars, metabolism and weight.

The scientific reasoning behind the low carbohydrate dietary approach is fully referenced and made easy by menu plans and recipes.  You will be introduced to information and case studies that help you decide what level of blood sugar target, carbohydrate restriction and monitoring is most appropriate for your individual needs.

Children, adolescents, women needing contraception or planning a pregnancy, drivers, keep fit enthusiasts, and those with emotional problems or co-morbidities will find advice in this book for them. We also help those new to exercise fit it into their lives.

Doctors, nurses and dieticians will learn about the dietary approach endorsed by the Amercian Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the Nutrition and Metabolism Society  but which is not yet taught in most NHS diabetes clinics or by the American Diabetes Association.

The complexities of insulin management for optimal insulin to meal matching is covered in depth and other medications used in diabetes are discussed. Many people think that a sensible  and scientifically accurate  approach to blood sugar management is long overdue for diabetics including Ron Raab, ex vice president of the International Diabetes Federation, who has contributed his story about how it has changed his life with diabetes in this book.

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